People get with them into the corporation “Talent” and its value is often reflected in the CTC (Cost to Company). The value of people’s time often gets neglected and as a result a lot of human talent gets wasted. This book deals with the economics of HR, activities, processes and attempts to analyze events, systems and decisions in terms of cost.

This methodology is expected to sensitize the people processes in economic terms and enhance the value addition of HR. The book highlights interesting facts like the following with impressive illustrations

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Table of Contents

  1. Hurconomics
  2. Intellectual Capital and HRD
  3. Competency Mapping
  4. Talent Acquisition and Integration
  5. Getting dividend from Performance Management System
  6. 360 Degree Feedback
  7. Assessment and Development Centers
  8. Pay for performance
  9. Retention strategies
  10. Leadership roles and Self renewal of HR professionals
  11. HRD Audit
  12. Hurconomics for CEO’s
  13. Hurconomics: Application and Exercises

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