Appraising and Developing Managerial Performance

The book incorporates the recent experiences with HRD oriented Development system of SAIL, L&T ECC group; Performance planning and Review system of NDDB; appraisal system of Compton Greaves; work planning and Review system of LIC, etc. An update on the changes made in the appraisal system of L&T, Voltas and others are also included. In the theory section, additional material has been included on recent developments in appraisal monitoring systems for appraisals and rating fewer appraisals. In addition, the book has chapters on key performance areas, self-appraisal, performance analysis, performance ratings and other Asian experiences.

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Table of Contents

  1. Performance Appraisal – The Past and the Future
  2. Human Resource Development and Performance Appraisal
  3. Performance planning
  4. Increasing self-awareness and understanding: Self Appraisal
  5. Performance Analysis
  6. Performance Rating
  7. Performance Counseling
  8. Using performance appraisal Data
  9. Management Appraisal System in Voltas Limited
  10. Performance appraisal System in Larsen and Turbo limited
  11. Senior Management Personnel Appraisal at Crompton Greaves
  12. Performance Analysis in SAIL
  13. The SBI Experience
  14. Introducing Performance Appraisal Systems : The case of a large Engineering company
  15. Appraisal Practices in India
  16. Appraisal Practices in some Asian Countries
  17. Making Performance Appraisal Work
  18. Recent Development in Executive Appraisals
  19. Monitoring Performance Planning, Analysis and Systems
  20. Rating less appraisals for future

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