Human Resources Development

It is a widely accepted fact that human resources play a crucial role in the development of nations. Those countries which have developed their people by investing in sectors such as education, health, and science and technology, have achieved considerable success. Whenever they face a resource crunch, most developing nations tend to make human resource development variables. Providing a comprehensive an integrated account of HRD experience from all over the world supported by illustrative case studies, this book will be of great use of professionals and scholars involved with human resource development, education, personal management studies, and development studies as also to planners, policy-makers, administrators and NGOs.


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Table of Content

  1. Challenge of Human Resource Development (HRD)
    • HRD concept and background
    • HR and Economic Development
    • Strategic Interventions: An overview
  2. Strategic Interventions in HRD sectors and Target Groups
    • Health
    • Basic education
    • Adult education
    • Technical and vocational education
    • Higher education
    • Science and technology
    • Environment  Empowerment of women
    • Entrepreneurial Skills for the poor and unemployed
  3. Strategic Process Interventions for HRD
    • Using NGO’s
    • Decentralization and enhancing participation
    • Mobilizing resources
    • Enhancing coordination
    • Professionalizing government
    • Role of Government: Priorities and Policies

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