The HRD Missionary

If the HRD function has to succeed and make an impact, the HRD staff should work with missionary spirit. A good degree of professional competence, commitment and sacrifice is required. This book presents an outline of HRD, discusses the HRD function in some details, carves out the roles and responsibilities of HRD managers and discusses competencies needed to perform the HRD roles effectively. The book also discusses some of the power dynamics involved in performing the HRD role and presents resources for developing HRD professionals. It also gives some guidelines for the Structure of HRD Function

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is HRD?
  3. HRD Instruments, Processes and Outcomes
  4. HRD Departments and Their Tasks
  5. Structuring the HRD Function
  6. Qualities and Competency Requirements of HRD Managers
  7. Developing HRD Managers
  8. Traps and Temptations for HRD Managers
  9. The HRD Vision
  10. HRD Resources

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