HRD Score Card 2500

HRD Score Card 2500 is based on HRD Audit presents for the first time a systematic and scientific way of measuring the maturity level of HRD, its systems, strategies, culture and values, and business impact through a scorecard. The book provides a set of easily usable guidelines for assessing HRD with the help of the 2500 point Score Card. It would serve as an invaluable guide to CEO’s and HR chief’s to evaluate and improve their Human Resources.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to HRD Audit and HRD Score Card
  2. HRD Systems and Strategies
  3. In depth Audit of HRD Systems
  4. HRD competencies
  5. HRD Culture and Values
  6. HRD Impact and Alignment
  7. HRD Audit Instruments
  8. HRD Scores at a glance

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