360 Degree Feedback & Assessment Centers (Vol III)

360 Degree Feedback often used in tandem with Assessment and Development Centers is a powerful technique pioneered in India by TVRLS, who have over the last 5 years applied this very successfully to many of India’s large companies. This volume is an indispensable read on Leadership Development – one of the most urgently felt needs of the Corporate sector. Spurred on by the threats and opportunities of Global competition, companies are now focusing on developing talented leaders. This book, in mapping the terrain and the strategies needed to compete, focuses on Assessment Centers, New case studies pertaining to Top Indian Corporate, Critical Essays pertaining to competency mapping, 360 Degree Feedback and Mergers and Acquisitions


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Table of Content

  1. Section 1 – 360 Degree Feedback
  2. Identification and Development of Potential Executives
  3. Leadership Development through an Integrated Approach using competency model & 360 Degree review process
  4. 360 Degree Feedback as a tool for Leadership Development at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  5. Experiences in 360 Degree Feedback and Development Centers
  6. 360 Degree Feedback Implementation Experiences at Satyam
  7. Design of 360 Degree Feedback Instruments for Leadership Development and experience at Infosys
  8. Assessment for development using peer feedback in formative years – The ISB Experience
  9. Hunting for potential leaders through 360 Degree Feedback
  10. Enhancing ROI on 360 Degree Feedback: Approaches to coaching
  11. 360 Degree Feedback: Experiences and Reflections as a consultant

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