HRD Audit


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About the course: People drive businesses using their talent. Human Resource Management (HR) plays a critical role in spotting, inducting, developing, managing and motivating talent. What makes the HR function and systems drive business? Are your people management systems and practices driving business? What is good about the way it is being done to day? What more could be done?
HRD audit attempts to answer several such questions that would help HR function make an impact.
HR Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the current HRD strategies, structure, system, styles and skills in the context of short and long term business goals of the organization. Such an evaluation is intended to help leveraging talent for better results and impact. You will learn in this course all details about HR audit, what is audited, methodologies used, benefits derived etc.
The course is offered in two parts as two separate courses. The first course helps learners to conceptually align the HR systems and processes to drive business and transform the HR function to be a Key Business Driver.
The participant will learn in the first part of this course:

  • The meaning of audit and its role in business improvements through HR.
  • Various methodologies in evaluating HR and its impact including interviews, Observation, Questionnaires, records and secondary data.
  • Different HR systems (Recruitment, Induction, Performance management, Training and Development etc.) and their audit.
  • The participant will also learn auditing HR subsystems like recruitment and manpower planning, Performance Management System, training and learning etc.


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