Future of HRD

HRD today is at cross roads. So are the HRD Managers. HR Managers who have made a mark and made a difference can be counted on fingers in this large nation of millions of people. Those who missed the boat and continue to miss the boat are many. It is going to be of those HRD managers who have an entrepreneurial spirit in them, innovativeness, leadership qualities and a business drive. The future is going to be of those HRD managers who are willing to learn, network, vision driven, articulate, communicative, proactive and pushing and persevering.

The book out-lines the roles and tasks of such HRD managers and also gives some ideas to develop themselves and their Human Resources Development function. It identifies the challenges faced by HRD in the wake of rapid globalization

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Table of Contents

  1. HRD as a profession: Where are we?
  2. HRD Function – Global Models and Indian Experiences: An Audit
  3. HRD Managers of Today: At Crossroads
  4. HRD: The vision
  5. Future HRD Managers
  6. Resource Requirements for making HRD work
  7. HRD at the National Level: The Asian Challenge

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