100 Managers in Action

Some leaders change the fortune of their organizations. How do they do it and what are their virtues? 100 Managers in actions explores facet of which have enabled 100 Managers to emerge as outstanding and impact-making leaders as revealed through their 360 Degree Feedback.

This book tells about the vision, values and foresight to take one to higher positions, and how execution and delivery of results makes one an influential and impactful individual. Through the analysis of 100 managers across business verticals, we understand through this book how ordinary people by doing the same things differently turned out to be outstanding leaders!

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Table of Contents

  1. 100 Managers as leaders who made an impact on those around them
  2. Vision and values
  3. Strategy, Planning and Goal Setting
  4. Technological leadership and Systems Thinking
  5. Inspiring, Developing and Empowering Staff
  6. Team work and Team Building
  7. Management of Colleagues/Internal Customers
  8. Liaison with Top Management
  9. External Customer Relations and Client Management
  10. Leadership Styles
  11. Lessons from 100 Impact Making Managers

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