The Handbook for Development action plans

The content of this book is based on the experience of helping organizations conduct Assessment Development Centers and workshops on 360 degree feedback, leadership development and managerial effectiveness. This manual can be used as a reference to suggest developmental action plans to candidates who have a fair idea of their strengths and weaknesses. In this handbook, we have focused on a set of competencies, which, on the basis of our experience, were found to be important for effective Managers/Leaders. Against each competency, a comprehensive list of action plans have been suggested, detailing the type of improvement oriented initiatives individuals can plan in case they need to improve/build the competency.

  • Preface
  • Most Effective Ways of Developing Competencies
  • Handling Difficult to Develop Competencies




Table of Contents

  1. Achievement Orientation
  2. Analytical thinking & Problem Solving Skills
  3. Business Acumen
  4. Change Management (Including Managing Uncertainty)
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Creativity & Innovative thinking
  7. Culture Building
  8. Customer Orientation
  9. Decision Making Skills
  10. Delegation
  11. Domain Knowledge
  12. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  13. Execution Skills
  14. Global Mindset
  15. Intercultural Sensitivity
  16. Interpersonal Skills
  17. Learning Orientation
  18. Managing Internal Customers
  19. Managing Superiors
  20. Negotiation Skills
  21. Networking Skills
  22. Process Orientation
  23. Resource Management
  24. Service Orientation
  25. Strategic Thinking
  26. Subordinate Development
  27. Team Management Skills

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