Performance Management

At the global level, organizations have wasted much time over-focusing on the unattainable (objectivity in appraisals) and ignoring the more critical (continuous improvements in individual, dyadic, and team performance) goals. This thoroughly revised second edition shifts the entire focus of performance management to performance improvement and talent management. This book will also help in enhancing the performance of individuals, dyads, and teams for achieving organizational excellence. “CEOs, CHROs, and other top-level managers should recognize the need to innovate, selectively forget the past, and plan for the performance management strategies and practices outlined in this book by Prof T. V. Rao.”

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Table of Content

  1. Performance Management: An Overview
  2. Defining and Planning Performance
  3. Defining and building Competencies
  4. Performance Analysis for Individual and Organization Development
  5. Reducing Biases in Ratings and Managing Forced Distribution
  6. Performance Conversations and Performance Review Discussions
  7. Using Performance Management System data for HR Decisions and Performance Improvements
  8. Best Practices in Performance Management
  9. Managing Motivation through Rewards and Recognition: Best Practices
  10. Lessons from Experience: A New Look at Performance Management Systems
  11. 360 Degree Feedback as a Performance Management Tool
  12. Performance Management through Assessment and Development Centers

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