Life After 360 Degree Feedback and ADCs

Research into actual Organizational practices following interventions like 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment Development Centers have been scattered and rudimentary. Besides Organisations in the country have rarely been provided a forum to share and exchange experiences in the area. In an attempt to share knowledge and facilitate learning, TVRLS conducted a 2 day conference on Life After 360 Degree Feedback and ADCs in 2008, and this book is the compilations of the papers presented at the conference




Table of Contents

    • Not Just For Individual Development: Gaining Organizational Insights from 360 Degree Assessment
    • Impact of 360 Degree Feedback: A Follow-Up Study of Four Organisation
    • A Study of Differences in the 360 Degree Feedback of Star and Average Performers Using RSDQ Model
    • Improving Assessment Centre Validity: Some Promising Results from an Alternate Assessment Design
    • Is Past Performance A Good Predictor Of Future Potential? : A Study of the Relationships between Competency Assessment through Assessment Centres and 360 Degree Tools
    • Breaking Boundaries between Performance and Development: A Study of a Study by Accenture – High Performance Delivered
    • Creating Excellence through Leadership Development: Post Assessment and Development Centres
    • Facilitating Reflection: The Common Thread behind Successful Post Feedback Leadership Development Interventions
    • Leadership: The Capacities Approach
    • 360 Degree Feedback: A Tool in Supporting Leadership Development
    • Life Before/After 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment and Development Centres: Jk Organisation (EZ) Experience
    • Learning from 360 Degree Feedback at MSIL
    • 360 Degree Feedback (New Paradigm) In a Weird Economy: The Surround Sound Phenomenon at
    • 360 Degree Feedback (New Paradigm) In a Weird Economy: The Surround Sound Phenomenon at Satyam
    • Managing Development Centres and Post-Development Centre Experience: Case Of RPG Group
    • Adani Group’s Experience of 360 Degree Feedback for Top and Senior Management
    • Merry-Go-Round: Adopting the 360 Degree Feedback Process: ActionAid
    • Self-Revelation in Leadership Style: Gati Experience
    • Competency Mapping and Development Centres: The Revolution at HPCL
    • Assessment for Development and Potential: Other Company Experiences
    • Life after 360 Degree Feedback and ADCs: Lessons for the Future

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