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This Portal has been designed to help you invest in your own learning. The Learning Center from TVRLS, has been designed to share more insights about people, processes, interpersonal competence, team work, organization development, leadership, managerial effectiveness, competence, Talent, HRD, Psychometric and many other inputs to help you become more self aware, build yourself, your team and your organization.

Alongside sharing all the issues of our magazine ‘Perfect Professional’ and other articles written by TVRLS, this portal also offers ‘On Line certificate programs’ for managers, students, instructors, HR professionals and other curious Learners.

So here’s wishing that you learn something new… every single day!

Perfect Professional



  • Free: Viewing of courses and course content limited to a few sessions in each course
  • Paid Courses (Rs 500 per course):
    1. Access to all the Course content
  • Certification (Rs. 8000 per course)#:
    1. Access to all the Course content
    2. Additional Readings
    3. Webinar Session
    4. Tele assessment on skype or WebEx or online chat or telephone by facilitator
    5. Assignments to be completed and sent to TVRLS for assessment (all assignments will be assessed together for final certification)
    6. Final test
    7. Certificate
  • Supplementary Skill shops (price varies): Contact programs of one to three days duration (to be planned with TVRLS facilitator)


  • Gold*: Access to Perfect Professional articles and articles from other genre. Full issues can be downloaded from the Download Page Tab under Perfect Professional Menu(Rs. 1200)
  • Platinum*: Access to all OLEP Courses including the accessibility of Gold Membership(Rs. 5000)

*Membership fee is for a single payment with 5 years validity & access to all future updates.
#Student discount of 50% on certifications.