By T. V. Rao

HRD function has come under increased focus. Customer loyalty and retention, technology, money matters and systems have even become secondary as compared to employee retention and talent management, contribution management etc. issues across the world. As a result HRD has come to focus much more in recent times than ever before. It is important to have a good HRD to manage both short term as well as long term results. Good HRD helps attract and retain talented employees, besides influencing customer retention and enhancing share holder value. The key to all this is having good HR systems, creating a lasting HR culture and values and aligning them with business goals. Good HR systems build intellectual capital,   which results in long term share holder value enhancement. Good HR means having competent HR staff. Competent HR staff, combined with learning attitude of line managers, and empowering styles of the top management, and a credible HR function goes a long way in creating impact making HRD.

This score card 2500 provides a highly objective assessment methodology in terms of assigning points for measuring various HRD systems and their appropriateness to organizational goals. Maturity of any HR system is judged in terms of five criteria: clearly set objectives, well structured components, understood by all, implemented well and impacted business.  These components and HR strategies lead to 1000 points. Competencies of HR staff, line managers and top management including the credibility of HR department are given 500 points, HRD culture and values are assigned another 500 points. HR’s impact on business or organizational goals in terms of intellectual capital, talent management and financial parameters are assigned another 500 points. Thus the HRD Score Card 2500 assesses the HR and its maturity as well as its alignment with organizational goals using 2500 points. This system is based on the last two decades or research and consulting work of the author and TVRLS with several corporations in India and other Asian and African countries brings a refreshing way of measuring the HR maturity. The HRD score card gives at a glance way you are good at, what you lack and where you need to focus your effort. Useful fro CEOs who would like to get the best out of their HR investments.

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