How Seriously Should I take my 360?

By T V Rao 

Many times people ask me this question. My answer is simple. Very seriously for positive reasons and not so seriously for negative reasons.

What is a positive reason?

  • Awareness: If you want to be come more aware of the way your actions or non actions are being perceived and use the feedback to create and discover the new perceptions you like to create.
  • Change: If you wan to change your own way of doing things or way of thinking on the basis of the feedback for maximizing your impact on others
  • Self control: You want to exercise more control on your self or your behavior
  • Initiation of new activities: If you like to undertake new activities you have not been undertaking so far. Like a new habit of communication, vision or time management, planning, smiling, sharing a meal or a joke, taking morning walks together with some one else or alone, reading a new book etc.

What is a negative reason?

Brooding over the same feedback or comment again and again: Trying to justify that you are right. You are right any way all times on all that you have done. If you were not right you would not have done it. It is past. There is no point brooding over it. In future you may want to do it differently or you may not want to do or if you want to continue doing that you should work out methods of containing or minimize the negative effect son your self, your team, image etc.

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