Effective HR Audits

By T V Rao

  • Are your HR strategies and systems flowing from and are aligned with your short and long term business goals and plans?
  • How effectively are they designed or structured?
  • How well are they being implemented?
  • Are they having the right impact in terms of financial outcomes, intellectual capital building and talent management variables?
  • How effective is your PMS, L&OD, Competency Mapping, Recruitment and placement, succession planning etc. systems? Are they needed? How could they be restructured and how can they be implemented better for an enhanced ROI?
  • Are your HR staff professionally well prepared to drive the HR you need for the present and the future of the company?
  • In what areas do they need to be strengthened?
  • Do your line managers and other employees have learning attitudes and are they learning to get themselves equipped continuously to meet business challenges from time to time?
  • Do your top level managers have the right kind of styles that promote a HRD (enabling, empowering and engaging) culture?
  • What is the HRD Culture of your organization? Is it aligned with your ambitions and Talent management?
  • How is your organizational culture? Is it enabling and empowering?

These are the kind of questions answered by a good HR Audit. Obviously to answer such questions the HR Auditor or the team leader of HR audit should be professionally trained and experienced expert in HR systems, processes, with good theoretical background and partial experience in implementing HR. Answering these questions requires a in-depth study and analysis of various systems, competencies, culture and their impact.

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