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  1. Locus of Control: Chance or God

  2. Always be positive even if you have to be negative

  3. A Peep into the History of Human Resources Development in India

  4. Human Resources Development in India: Origins

  5. Letter to the CEO/from the recently published book: HRD Audit by T. V. Rao, available from Sage Publications (http://www.sagepub.in/books/Book244195)

  6. Internship at TVRLS to Prepare HRD Missionaries

  7. Preparing 1000 HRD Missionaries

  8. Preface to the second edition of HRD Missionary

  9. Some Thoughts on the New HRD Missionary

  10. The Less Known story of NHRDN

  11. TVRLS HR Competencies Model

  12. HR Resources from NHRDN: Excellence through HRD by M R R Nair & T V Rao

  13. My encounters with Competency Movement

  14. Bangladesh SHRM International Conference February 2015

  15. IIM Bill : Role of Registered Societies

  16. Greed and OD

  17. OD Approach to Performance Management

  18. 3 Ps of National HRD Network

  19. Udai Pareek on Institution Building

  20. Maximum Governance and Minimum Government

  21. Leadership Lessons from Narendra Modi for corporate India

  22. Behind the Scenes: Building of National HRD Network

  23. HRD Lessons from Narendra Modi

  24. My Encounters with Shri Narendra Modi

  25. Ravi Matthai’s Jawaja Experiment

  26. Management Education: : Industry-Academia Interface

  27. NHRDN: Way Forward from Founder President

  28. Intellectual Capital Value of Individuals ICVI

  29. Preparing HR Managers: B-schools should change their approach

  30. Thought Leaders

  31. Futuristic HR Practices for competitiveness

  32. Has HR Function found its soul?

  33. Sustainability and Inclusiveness Role of HR Professionals

  34. The Power of HR

  35. Designing and Managing Conferences and Professional bodies

  36. Why are HR Heads afraid of HR Audit

  37. OD and HRD

  38. 100 Managers in Action

  39. CLRD; An Updaate

  40. OD Present and Future: Conversations with Prof. Rao

  41. Organization Development and HRD in India

  42. HRD is a Lead Function

  43. On Line Education: What is most useful for Asian Countries

  44. TVRLS Online Education Programs

  45. TVRLS Skill shops

  46. Five levels of HR leaders and Managers

  47. Mrinal Kants comments

  48. My Journey with IIMA