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hAfter almost 30 years of work experience, Prof C Balaji has taken on partnering with people to cause incredible performance, as his life’s purpose. A Fellow of IIM Ahmedabad, Prof. Balaji was in academics for 17 years – including 13 years as a Faculty Member of IRMA and about four years as the Director of the Academy of HRD – and in corporate sector for almost 13 years. He has expertise in HRM, Behavioural Science, OD, and Research Methods. He has taught in PhD-level and MBA level programs; conducted training programs for managers and leaders; facilitated organisation change interventions; conducted and guided research; and published books, papers and articles. He was the Editor of NHRD Newsletter for about 11 years. Balaji is eclectic and non-conventional in his work that creates new paradigms of being, thinking, acting and behaving

“Knowing others is wisdom knowing oneself is enlightenment”    Lao-Tzu

Vipul Kumar  (name changed) participated in a two-day assessment/development centre. As a natural outcome of this process, he was given a detailed written feedback on the level of proficiency with which he demonstrated the 15 competencies being assessed in the A/DC. He was also given several comparison or benchmark points for each of the competencies. VK was guided by the assessors to identify the competencies that he wanted to develop and come up with a personal development plan to better these competencies. VK came up with his personal development plan and passed it to the L&D department of his organisation. Sadly, this was the end of the story.

Are you in a situation similar to that of VK?
Many of us have participated in development oriented initiatives like Assessment Development Centres, 360-degree feedback, self-reports through paper-pencil or on-line tests, simulated exercises or games etc. Such initiatives show us the mirror and as a natural outcome, we discover something more about ourselves-in terms of competencies, behavioural styles, attitudes, values, personality etc. However, nothing much happens afterwards. This brings us to a few important questions:

What are the next steps after an individual becomes more self aware?
How can we make sure that we can build on the foundation of self awareness and construct strong and robust structures for the future?
Given below are a few guiding principles that will help each of us build further on our own knowledge of ‘the self ’.

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