Are You Ready To Counter Your “Weekday Blues”?

By Neelam Dhaka

About the Author:
Neelam Dhaka is currently associated with JCB India as Assistant General Manager: Learning and Development and comes with over 12 years of rich experience in Human Resource Development. Her experience has a mix of corporate consulting and and she has been associated with Continental Engines, ATS Services Ptv Ltd., Reach Interactive (HR arm of Feedback ventures Group) and Oswal ELectricals and also handled various consulting and training assignments for organizations like Canara Bank, Dena Bank, Rico Auto etc. A certified trainer for “6 thinking hats” she is also a guest faculty to Management institutes such as Asia Pacific management Institute, Amity Business School etc.

As my colleagues troop into the office building every morning, I get a chance to observe the different energy levels across groups. One set shows bright, cheerful faces full of energy eagerly reaching out to each other, with lots of laughter, banter and dynamism.Yet, there is another set, who seem to be dragging their feet, trudging wearily with visible disinterest and drudgery. For some, the weekend just doesn’t seem to arrive soon enough, while for others, the work week seems to be a fulfilling journey filled with challenges and fun.

So, what is it that makes work an unfortunate means of merely earning a livelihood for some while others look at it with much passion and dedication? I often wonder, what inspires a farmer to begin his day, well before the sun has emerged over the horizon, with so much energy? Where does he draw his inspiration from? Is it the desire to be part of the creation process? Or is it a sense of fulfilment at being able to be good at what he does and knowing the important role he plays in other people’s lives. In my opinion, happiness comes from a sense of purpose. A fascinating truth is that a sense of purpose can be woven into everything we do. We can find happiness everywhere and this holds good in our workplaces as well.

Happiness also means different things to different individuals. It has different connotations ranging from the intangibles like being engaged in meaningful work, recognition, empowerment, etc. to the tangibles like having a fancy title or hefty pay checks. However, what is common in all is the desire for social content, which gives the feeling of acceptance and approval in a given social space, i.e. in the current context-the workplace. It is a sense of social acknowledgement as a reaffirmation of one’s efforts or capabilities.

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