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By Madanlal Sharma

About the Author:

On completing his education, Madanlal Sharma joined his family business in dyeing & printing of textiles and invested 23 years in the business. A disciplinarian both at work and at home, he is very methodical in his approach to life. In 1985, he moved out of the textile business and started his own garment manufacturing business. At 67, along with his wife, Manju Sharma, 64, he took on a challenge to setup a day care centre called ‘V-Care’ in Mumbai’s suburban area. Today, ‘V-Care’ is one of the most trusted day care centers in the area.

Moving into unknown territories voluntarily and taking on new professional challenges is something that has always motivated me. Most people beyond 65 years look forward to relaxed and leisure filled days. However, at 67, I defied this stereotype and moved ahead with great vigour.

It requires courage and determination to start from scratch and my wife has been my backbone in all my endeavours. We started this loving venture of child care management at an age when people normally retire. Very few can experience the sense of satisfaction that my wife and I enjoy today.

This satisfaction comes from making things better by extending a loving home and family to these precious gems, while their parents work hard for their bright futures. The decision to start this activity was essentially born out of an emotional need when my son and his family relocated to Canada. I missed my grandson very much. Though I visited them regularly, shifting there permanently was not an option, given the extreme weather conditions in Canada. The vacuum created by one child has beenfilleduptodayby20. The seed for this idea was sown during my stay in Canada. We were asked by many friends and neighbours to start a day care centre in Canada. There was a great demand for quality service in this area. It seemed a good idea but I was very clear that if I had to do it, it would have to be in India. We have taken care of our children and grandchildren and were confident of doing a good job. The Day Care idea crystallized and was named ‘V Care’. It started off modestly with 2 kids in 2009. Today, we proudly claim having about 20 kids ranging from three month infants to eight year olds.

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