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Started in 1996 by the co-designer of Human Resources Development in Asian Region T. V. Rao Learning Systems (TVRLS) has established itself as a leading Education, Research, Knowledge Dissemination and Execution Facilitation center in the last two decades. TVRLS Programs and publications in the areas of Managerial and Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Assessments and Development through psychometric tools, 360 Degree feedback and Assessment centers, Organizational culture and employee commitment diagnostics, HR Audit, Competency Mapping, Performance Coaching and Management, OD & Institution Building have reached and benefitted organizations across Asian region.

What We Do ?

In 2010 TVRLS started a magazine “Perfect Professional” to serve larger managerial canvass besides the HR Managers. Each publication was devoted to a contemporary issue with world-wide leaders giving simple to read articles and sharing thoughts. Perfect Professional will provide inputs/insights to leaders and managers on contemporary issues, impacting them at the individual and organizational level. The themes covered include Gen Y, Entrepreneurship, High Performing Teams, delegation, learning from Failures, Managing your Boss, Corporate stress, Performance Management, Happiness at Work Place, Effective People, Execution etc.

Since its inception TVRLS devoted itself to multiply talent by offering certificate programs. Many of these programs used a distance learning methodology with short contact programs. Founders of TVRLS evolved these methodologies out of decades of experience and working with world renowned institutions. After experiments with On-Line Education Programs (OLEPs) in the last few years, TVRLS is now making available most of its courses, resources and publications through this portal.

This portal is meant for Managers all functions though Professionals and students from Management schools, Schools of Social work, Education, HR and other filed will find it of use. Any feedback is welcome. Please write to: perfectprofessional2016@gmail.com

You may influence your organisation to subscribe to this magazine and benefit a larger number of people too. Please contact us for more details.

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Dr. T V Rao


Dr. Raju Rao

Diretor TVRLS & Course facilitator