A Memorabilia of Bosses

By Ms. Geetha Ramakrishnan

About the Author
h.jpgGeetha Ramakrishnan holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai. Her professional certifications include Competency Mapping, DIADC, Instructional Design, DISC profiling. She has a rich corporate experience of 20 years in FMCG, Direct Selling, and Financial Services organisations. She has held responsible positions in Sales, Operations and Corporate Training functions. Since October 2010, Geetha has been an Independent Talent & Organisation Development Consultant. She facilitates initiatives for individual, team and organizational development across manufacturing, retail, financial services, Pharma, IT, ITES and Real Estate organisations. In pursuit of her keen interest in academia, she teaches at Narsee Monjee Institute Of Business Management. She can be reached at: geetharamakrish@gmail.com

A Memorabilia Of Bosses:

It’s Not So Much About Managing Bosses,
It’s More About Learning From Them….

This article is my effort to pen down the unique qualities and traits of bosses that I worked with, in my eventful two decade corporate career. Nostalgic memories flood into my mind as I reminisce the exciting, perhaps intoxicating corporate journey spanning several interesting assignments. Reflecting upon my experiences, I am convinced that it is our ability to complement the style of our supervisor that can take us ahead in our careers and help us grow as professionals. This calls for adapting to a working style that is different from our own and flexing our preferences. As I see, it is not about being submissive, but looking at things in a mature way, to get work done and move forward. I believe that this can be done with our self-respect absolutely intact and asserting our point of view and contributing in a way that gets noticed in the organisation. As I look back, each boss has been demanding in his/her own way. Each of them brought their unique strengths and weaknesses to the table, though they had a few qualities that were common-their ability to successfully lead teams, be result oriented and get work done. (All names have been changed with due respect to the personal identities of people).

Simplicity And Sophistication

I remember my first job interview exactly 23 years ago when as a fresher I had applied for the position of a Marketing Trainee in an FMCG company at Mumbai and had made it through. It was my first day at work. My manager Sneha was a task master and a stickler for methodical work. She was a great coach and followed through meticulously to get things done. She set expectations right on day one by outlining clearly what results she expected from us. She was also very vocal about the fact that she disliked office politics and did not want us to be distracted by indulging in them. As a fresher, she ensured that I was well oriented into the policies and processes at work. She was simple and direct, yet sophisticated and stylish. She was at ease sharing my lunch, or initiating casual conversations from time to time. And yet there were times when she was difficult and temperamental. On the days she was in a foul mood, she would fret and fume or respond in an abrupt manner. After long meetings with her seniors, she would get back in a worse mood. She got along very well with her peers from production, finance and other departments; however, she somehow did not strike a similar chord with her boss! All the frustration would make her non-communicative and at times indifferent towards her own team. I still wonder if she ever realised this, as I was too young then to give feedback to the boss!

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