A Better Present By Exploring The Past-A Past Life Regression Approach ToRemoving Roadblocks To Success

By Subha Yeri

About the Author:

Shubha Yeri has been researching on life after death, how Karma works and the various levels of consciousness since the last 16 years. She has been practicing Past Life Regression Therapy since the last 3 years in Pune with many heart-warming and exciting results. She writes a Blog which covers all topics related to our evolution and the final destination. It’s URL is going home shubhayeri.blogspot.com


The past never dies, every deed counts (Unknown) Only the past is immortal (Delmore Schwartz)

 We are all ‘spirits’ having a human experience on this earth. We have chosen to begin this journey of our own, with free will, for the joy of creation. We are bigger, brighter and more spiritual than we think we are and we really need to repossess our powers, which we seem to have lost to ignorance, immediate worries and fear of the unknown.

Past life regression (PLR) is a scientific tool, which helps us achieve this, by letting us consciously visit our past lives, to deal with present issues of health, relationships, fears and phobias. It can also take us to that point in time, when we sat with our spiritual guides, to plan our agenda for this life.

There are two parts to our consciousness. The top 10-12 % is our conscious mind, which is completely absorbed with the current life. The lower 88-90% is our sub-conscious mind, which has memories of all our past lives, people with whom we shared our life, incidents that happened, the mistakes made, the good deeds, lessons learnt, knowledge gained and wisdom acquired. Between these two levels is the critical filter of doubt, questions, intellect and ego, through which, all the inputs coming from outside (through the five senses) and thoughts (which arise from deep within our own mind), have to pass. In PLR, this critical filter is temporarily removed, so that the person can consciously access the past lives in the subconscious, and resolve current issues.

One of the most important thoughts, engaging people in all walks of life, is whether they are bound by destiny in every decision they take or whether they have free will. This is as true of unskilled labor as it is for the most qualified and experienced CEO. How does one know, if one is embarking on-a new project, a new job or withdrawing from the rat race to pay attention to an alternative career, is the right decision or not?

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