25 Stress Buster Strategies To Counter The ‘Chakravyuh’ Of Life

By Mr. Ajoy Chawla

ajoy chawlaAbout the Author:
Mr. Ajoy Chawla is the Chief Strategy Officer at Titan Industries Ltd. A BE (Mechanical engineering) from VJTI Mumbai and PGDM from IIMC, he joined the Tata Administrative Services (TAS) in 1990. He was posted by TAS to Titan Industries in 1991. Since then, he has handled multiple portfolios in Titan including marketing, sales, retail, supply chain management, international and new business incubation etc. In 2010, he attended the Advanced Management Program (AMP) from Harvard Business School. He can be reached at: chawlaajoy@gmail.com

Man and his selves: We are beings with many selves: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual,Spiritual Our Physical self-the body; our Vital self, driven by relationships and positive emotions, our Causal self driven by the intellect, characterized by thoughts and ideas; our Spiritual self also referred to as our higher self, driven by deeper purpose and meaning, seeking truth, beauty and peace. These ‘selves’ though distinct are not independent of each other; they have a huge interplay with each other. Thoughts affect emotions, emotions impact the body, and vice versa. I believe that when we lead a balanced life, nurturing our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions simultaneously, we are able to lead a harmonious life. Conversely, when there is excessive emphasis on one of these selves, at the cost of the other, we experience a lopsided existence with dissonance, guilt, insecurity, anxiety and existential issues. There is an overall disharmony, which manifests as dis-ease.
Our work life presents us with many pressures-targets, long work hours, incorrigible bosses whose anxieties spill over, sometimes multiplied by their egos; scheming colleagues whom we can’t trust, incompetent or overburdened team members who need lots of ‘follow up’, conflicts requiring delicate navigation or tough conversations; skipped meals to meet deadlines, anxieties of keeping up with information, insecurity of losing out in the rat race to competitive fellow sufferers, and a technology trap that keeps us leashed to this world of worry.

So What Strategies Do We Have To Combat The Stress Created By Such Situations?
Here is a laundry list of solutions, compiled based on my own personal experiences of dealing with stress as well as observations of how I have others close to me deal with it.

25 Power Packed ‘Stress Busters’

PHYSICAL SELF-Nurturing the body:

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